Leverage Your Life

Expand Your Capacity. Thrive At Work And At Home.

I'm Scott Vaudrey.

I’ve been helping others overcome barriers and improve their lives throughout my career. From my years as an Emergency Medicine attending physician in a trauma center, a director of numerous teams in the nonprofit world, and my current role as a business owner and executive coach, I’ve developed a unique set of diagnostic and development skills. I’d love to use those skills to help you leverage your strengths so you can lead with maximal impact and fulfillment.


Whether you’re managing a complicated work culture or navigating strategic/relational challenges, I can help.


Using industry standard tools, I deliver the insight you need to evaluate and develop high-capacity team members and candidates for hire.


I deliver engaging keynote presentations for staff, clients, or conferences. Topics include leadership, relational skills, and EQ.


Whether you’re looking for a tune-up or a turnaround, my job is to help assess your team and equip them with the strategies, relational insights, and communication skills they need.


Choose from a diverse catalog of workshops, each custom-crafted to meet the needs of your unique audience. Sessions range from one-hour seminars to multi-day events.


As a certified facilitator, I guide you through an intense two-day process that clarifies your unique strengths, values, mission—and actionable steps to live the rest of your life better.

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