I’m Scott Vaudrey.

I’ve been helping others overcome barriers and improve their lives throughout my career. From my years as an Emergency Medicine attending physician in a trauma center, a director of numerous teams in the nonprofit world, and my current role as a business owner and executive coach, I’ve developed a unique set of diagnostic and development skills. I’d love to use those skills to help you leverage your strengths so you can lead with maximal impact and fulfillment.


Whether you’re managing a complicated work culture, navigating strategic/relational challenges, or doing the hard work of overcoming barriers to success, I help you and your organization move from good to great.



Through leadership assessments, interviews and 360-degree inquiries, I deliver the insight you need to determine the organizational fit, promotion potential, and development strategies for high-capacity team members and candidates for hire.



I deliver informative, energizing, and engaging keynote presentations for staff, clients, or conferences. Topics include leadership development, relational skills, and emotional intelligence.



Whether you’re looking for a tune-up or a turnaround, my job is to assess the dynamics of your team and equip them with customized strategies, relational insights, and communication skills they need to succeed.



Choose from a diverse catalog of workshops, each custom-crafted to meet the needs of your unique audience. Sessions range from one-hour seminars to multi-day off-site events—and from five to 500+ participants.



As a certified facilitator, I guide you through an intense two-day process that gives you laser clarity on your unique strengths, values, mission—and specific actionable steps to live the life you were destined to live.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Your company’s potential is great.

But is it reaching its fullest capacity?


Renovate Your Relationships is here!

My first book, Renovate Your Relationships, has been published by Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins this summer. Here’s an idea of what it offers:

Sometimes things get difficult with people in your life who matter to you—a demanding boss, annoying neighbor, distant family member, or controlling spouse. How do you narrow the gap between where things stand today with that person—and where you want things to be the future?

Renovate Your Relationships will help you:

  • Gain an accurate view of what’s really going on in the relationship
  • Determine the ideal balance between protecting yourself (setting boundaries) and accepting the other person (building bridges).
  • Set boundaries with confidence through the Renovate Your Relationships Pathway.

The concepts in Renovate Your Relationships have been field-tested by thousands of people—executives, couples, parents, volunteers—through my Relate series of workshops. With plenty of real-life stories and ground-breaking tools, this book can help you improve your relationship with even the most challenging person—and leave you equipped to renovate every relationship in your life.

You can order your copy of Renovate Your Relationships through most retail outlets.


My next book, Origins: Insight You Need for the Life You Want (working title) releases in 2020.

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