Renovate Your Relationships

What do you do when a relationship goes off course? 

Whether it’s a manipulative boss, a disagreeable coworker, or a controlling spouse, challenging relationships can leave you  exhausted, defeated, and helpless. And as a leader, relational fractures can tank your team. How do you narrow the gap between where that relationship stands today and where you want it to be in the future?

Renovate Your Relationships equips you to find healing for those relational breakdowns, large and small. The road-tested content and ground-breaking tools in this book, taught in Scott’s workshops across the country, has equipped thousands to find healing in even their most challenging relationships. 

Through real-life stories, practical tools, workflows, and step-by-step guidance, you’ll learn to: 
   • Diagnose destructive patterns in specific relationships, 
   • Avoid over-acceptance of others or over-protection of yourself, and
   • Foster healthier relational patterns with the people who affect your life every day. 


Past Present

You bring a unique set of talents and skills into your relationshipsas well as a few unhelpful patterns of behavior you likely picked up during your formative years. Whether you’re too defensive, image conscious, unable to stand up for yourself, addicted, controlling, or [fill in the blank], how can you make changes that will last?

Through highly engaging content, real-life examples, and accessible tools, this practical book helps you discover the origins of those unproductive patterns of the past and equips you to attack them at their roots, bringing growth and healing into your present and beyond.

You can’t undo yesterday. But by conquering patterns of the past, you can grow, heal, and do the rest of your life better.

What others are saying about Renovate Your Relationships

“If you are in relationship with any human being, you need this book.”
Dan B. Allender, PhD
Professor, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology
“I’m making this mandatory reading for my entire leadership team.”
Brett Lundstrom
President & CEO, Lundstrom Insurance Agency, Inc.
“For the sake of your relationships and emotional health, read this book.”
Jon Klinepeter, MBA
President and CEO, Forrest Bradshaw Industries, Inc.

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