Sorry. One more bug.

I was sitting on my back porch working on a writing deadline when this guy flew up right next to me. I know I have posted enough bug shots, but I couldn’t help myself! Plus, I am convinced that this bug is smiling.

More bugs…

Can’t help it. For other photo-nerds Canon EOS 60D Focal length = 200 F-stop = 5.6 Shutter = 1/20 Exposure = +1

The thing with spiders 2

My neck is fused so I can’t easily turn and look at a bedside clock to learn the time in the middle of the night. So, I purchased this lovely device that projects the time onto the ceiling.  Depending on which part of the celling that I point the beam, the resulting bright blue clock […]

The thing with spiders

A spider had spun a giant web in my garage. It was one of the most enormous and majestic webs that I have ever seen. This shot was taken in the early morning sun for light. For photo-nerds Canon EOS 60D Focal = 200 F-stop = 5.6 Shutter = 1/1200 Meter = 5