I fell for it. “Would you like to join me on a little drive?” What you see is cart #3 of September’s haul. The gardener is in the house. Welcome to CA.

Tumbling again

Even though I have left my beloved rock source, Lake Michigan (The Great Lakes have the greatest variety of rocks in one place than anywhere in the world) I have started up my smaller rock tumblers this past week. This is a shot of some of my Lake Michigan rocks that are through the tumbling […]

Sorry. One more bug.

I was sitting on my back porch working on a writing deadline when this guy flew up right next to me. I know I have posted enough bug shots, but I couldn’t help myself! Plus, I am convinced that this bug is smiling.


After more than a decade of talking (and dreaming) about it… we finally made the move. September and I left the lovely midwest and its friendly people and moved to southern CA. This move allows us to be near our kids and grandkids (and to be less near snow, frost and ice scrapers).

More bugs…

Can’t help it. For other photo-nerds Canon EOS 60D Focal length = 200 F-stop = 5.6 Shutter = 1/20 Exposure = +1

If I am ever attacked by two trees at the same time…

I will be ready. The only way to create and maintain a “kind and courageous” team culture is to regularly nurture the trust among team members. The only way to ensure a foundation of trust within a team is to secure an environment that is safe. There are several ingredients required to secure emotional safety […]

The “Mountain”

I went to medical school in Seattle. I have so many fond memories of those years, but one of the fondest was walking to class and marveling at the great Mount Rainer. Though 60 miles away from Seattle, on a clear day “the mountain,” as locals refer to it, can easily be seen and admired. […]


It felt like an eternity that I sat with my tripod perched near an open window to capture this shot. Photo nerd data Canon EOS60D Focal 180 F-Stop 5.6 Shutter 1/1250      

The thing with spiders 2

My neck is fused so I can’t easily turn and look at a bedside clock to learn the time in the middle of the night. So, I purchased this lovely device that projects the time onto the ceiling.  Depending on which part of the celling that I point the beam, the resulting bright blue clock […]

The thing with spiders

A spider had spun a giant web in my garage. It was one of the most enormous and majestic webs that I have ever seen. This shot was taken in the early morning sun for light. For photo-nerds Canon EOS 60D Focal = 200 F-stop = 5.6 Shutter = 1/1200 Meter = 5