About the book:


“If you are in relationship with any human being, you need this book.”

Dan B. Allender, PhD-Professor of Counseling Psychology & Founding President The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, Seattle WA


Renovate Your Relationships will be a book people re-read annually, and every relationship in their life will be the better for it.”

Shane Farmer-Senior Pastor, Cherry Hills Community Church, Highlands Ranch, CO


“I’m making this mandatory reading for my entire leadership team.”

Brett Lundstrom-President & CEO, Lundstrom Insurance Agency, Inc., Elgin IL


“For the sake of your relationships and emotional health, read this book.”

Jon Klinepeter, MBA, University of Notre Dame- Founder and CEO, Better Good Group LLC, President and CEO, Forrest Bradshaw Industries, Inc., Chicago IL


“This book is a must-read for anyone navigating relational pain or disappointment.”

Sarah Riebe- COO, Slingshot Group, Irvine CA


About Scott


Scott has been a lifeline of clarity for me in the midst of taking on a new senior-leadership role within our nationwide company. His guidance and coaching has led to profound insight on where I’m at my best and the pitfalls and opportunities to maneuver. It’s imperative to give our people and organization the best version of me—and Scott’s coaching has been a key contributor! 

Paul Jansen Van Rensburg-District Manager, HD Supply Construction & Industrial


“Scott is a strategic thinker with great insight and discernment. He has an uncanny ability to identify the underlying elements in any challenging situation and to guide leaders toward greater understanding and effective solutions.”

Jim Pluymert-Attorney, Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, Ltd.


I’ve had the privilege to be in the front row of Scott’s leadership in several venues. I’ve seen him lead teams toward strategic clarity. I’ve seen him help leaders get clear on their strengths and how best to us them. I’ve seen him teach powerfully with penetrating insight, humility, and humor to thousands.  

 I’ve never met a man who pours more into every minute of his preparation and presentation: be that in a 1-on-1 coaching session, a facilitated team meeting, a training event, or a public-speaking venue. You will always get more than you expected when working with Scott.  I am a better person because of Scott’s influence.

Andy Hartman, PsyD-Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach & Organizational Consultant


About LifePlan


“Scott brings a wealth of perspective and wisdom from his life experiences. He is a master at knowing when to push gently, probe a little further, move on if appropriate, or circle back and come at an issue again if it needed further probing. He affirmed me throughout, made me feel at ease, yet provided good challenges along the way.”

Tom BarrettCEO/business owner


“Scott’s unique intellectual horsepower and sense of humor made the LifePlan process an absolute joy for me. His surgeon-like diagnostic abilities helped bring clarity and focus to my life’s purpose and core values. I found myself celebrating who I truly am and discovered where I’d like to be. Scott’s guidance gave me the encouragement and direction I needed.” 

Sue Hood-HR specialist


“The two days I spent with Scott revolutionized my life. I walked away with clarity about not just where I wanted to go professionally but also relationally, spiritually, and emotionally. I revisit my LifePlan often and use it to guide my decisions and check my health. I am so grateful our paths crossed. My life is forever changed.”

Julie Langmade-communications director


“I had no idea the level of detail and thoughtfulness Scott would provide. He was organized, experienced, and used so many helpful examples. I felt empowered. I have begun putting my plan into action and I still can’t believe I had such a great guide in the process.”

Jackie Herron-Whitfield-compassion & justice director


“I had this incredible urge to spread my wings, but I needed both direction and courage. Scott helped me decide upon action items in each area of life where I needed growth. I felt empowered by the list because it represents the first steps toward reaching my dreams. I’ve since begun a Masters program and stepped into a job that suits me better than any role I’ve had before. I highly recommend Scott Vaudrey as a facilitator.

Jen Oxfordpastor