Our dogs are homebodies and it is their strong preference that September and I be likeminded in this area. They have since learned the meaning of when the suitcases come out. As soon as they see the open suitcase, both dogs anticipate an act of abandonment and become visibly unsettled.

Jane’s strategy is to continually place herself (usually on her back) between one of us and whatever preparatory task we are in working … and whimpers. In general, Clark stages a sit in. He essentially sits in or on the suitcase and refuses to move. This has been true since he was a puppy (photo 1).

Just recently we had a quick trip to CA to visit the kids and I put the suitcase on the bed and walked over to the closet and before I could turn around, Clark was upstairs, on the bed and had taken his departure sabotage position (photo 2).