When the demands of leadership leave us facing a daunting challenge or complex problem, we will always need a guide—someone on our side who brings a safe, outside perspective and the voice of experience. Let me be that guide for you. I’ll help you process and discern answers to three key questions so you can get on track—and stay there.

VISION | What do I want?

Our initial dialogues—by phone, video chat, or in person—center around your desired outcomes, both at work and at home. Through targeted questions and insightful tools, you’ll get crystal clear on your target and we will be clear on the value or return that you desire from coaching.

REALITY | Where am I today?

Just as a doctor must make an accurate diagnosis before knowing what treatment will be most helpful, the same
is true in executive coaching. Before we dive into strategies, solutions, and next steps, (treatment), we’ll first get clear on your current reality (an accurate diagnosis). Additional insights—through our initial dialogues as well as (if desired) 360 degree interviews, and leadership/personality assessments—give you further clarity on where you are today.

STRATEGY | How do I get where I want to go?

Once you’re clear on your vision for the future and today’s reality, it’s time to close the gap between the two. Our 1:1 coaching sessions equip you to address your unique challenges and goals. Together, we’ll generate actionable next steps to drive you toward that preferred future.

The pace and frequency of an ongoing partnership, whether by video, phone, or in-person conversations, are set by you, your needs, and your success.

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Critical talent decisions can make or break the success of your business. As a leader, you want to promote the right people, identify the best candidates for a position, and navigate performance problems that, if left unidentified or unaddressed, will bring a wake of broken trust or morale to your team and organization.

Through interviews, personality and leadership assessments, and 360-degree inquiries, I’ll help you:

  • Determine the promotion potential for high-capacity employees
  • Identify the organizational fit for candidates for hire
  • Get to the root of staffing problems and address them effectively and confidently
  • Based on the results of assessment data, chart a development and coaching strategy to help your organization hit its operational and relational goals

My experience and certification in an array of industry-standard assessments and processes include:

  • Hogan Assessment Systems: Credentialed Level I and Advanced Interpretation with the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS) and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Credentialed MBTI® Step I™ and MBTI® Step II™
  • CliftonStrengths®
  • LifePlan®: Paterson Center certified facilitator
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You’re facing a crossroad—a big decision, transition, or season of uncertainty. How do you know which path to choose? I’ve guided dozens of high-capacity leaders through their crossroads seasons using the Paterson LifePlan process.

A LifePlan is a proven, two-day intensive that offers a customized set of assessments and tools designed to help you navigate crossroads well. The LifePlan process was developed and refined by Tom Paterson—a strategic consultant, inventor, and right hand to legendary management guru Peter Drucker.

The powerful tools of a LifePlan, combined with my own unique brand of asking the right questions, guide you as together we create a comprehensive, strategic operating system for your life.

By the conclusion of your LifePlan intensive, you’ll have gained:

  • Clarity on your unique contributions to the world (your strengths, vision, values, and mission).
  • A deeper perspective on your life to date—and your preferred future.
  • A realistic understanding of the risks and constraints that, if unattended, will get in your way.
  • Insight on what should you do—and what you should stop doing—to reach your preferred future.
  • A holistic, detailed, and customized plan with actionable next steps that lead you to your deepest goals and desires.
  • Hope and motivation that comes from seeing and believing that a more ideal future is within your grasp.
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When a team is functioning at its highest capacity, everyone wins—clients, staff, and your bottom line. Conversely, no amount of individual talent can make up for a team that functions within an unhealthy culture or lacks the EQ skills necessary for synergy. For the last 25 years, I’ve been shaping and coaching teams and cultures that find themselves out-of-sync or facing complex challenges. Whether you’re looking for a team tune-up or a turnaround, my job is to assess your current reality and equip your team with the strategies, experiences, and skills they need to thrive.

Here’s what team building entails:

    1. Exploratory First Call
      The team leader provides relevant history, team strengths, current challenges, and desired outcomes. Using your insights, I build a customized Team Engagement Proposal (strategy, events and timeline) and submit it for your review and sign off.
    2. Individual Assessments
      Based on your input, team members are sent links to take online assessment(s) to give deeper insight into team dynamics and current challenges. If indicated, chosen assessments will evaluate individual and team conflict & communication styles, leadership tendencies, and personality profiles. Commonly applied tools include: Five Dysfunctions of a Team, MBTI, Hogan, CliftonStrengths.
    3. On-Site Team Building
      The scope and length of my engagement with your team will be determined by the initial call/assessments and clearly outlined in the Team Engagement Proposal. Depending on your desired outcomes (captured in a customized Team-Building Plan), team-building engagements might include:

      • One day of on-site team events, trainings, and skill building sessions
      • A series of on-site visits for ongoing coaching
      • Two-day off-site events to dive deeper into team dynamics and leadership development
      • Ongoing follow-up meetings (in-person or distance) with you and/or your team
    4. Ongoing coaching
      Depending on the progress and processes delivered at the last on-site, follow-up team or individual coaching is
      often desired. Ongoing coaching is customized to your needs and can be delivered via on-site visits, video calls, or
      phone conversations.
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Training is only worth the time invested when it translates into increased awareness and productive behavior change. In order to insure this outcome, my trainings unpack fresh concepts that are highly practical, immediately applicable, and relationally transformative at work and at home. I include plenty of real-life examples and commonly encountered situations to help listeners put concepts into practice. Through self-reflections and group conversations as time allows, each person can apply concepts to their current situation, team setting, or work environment.

Workshops and training topics include:

  • Culture of Candor—The most direct path to a thriving team culture includes safe, timely, honest feedback. Learn the why and how of giving and receiving feedback.
  • The Max-Capacity Team—Equip each member of your team to tap into their greatest strengths and avoid the most common pitfalls that hold them back.
  • Blind Spots and Blow-Ups—Refine those unseen growth edges and the hidden triggers that harm your team’s culture and impact the relationships between leaders, staff, and clients.
  • Difficult Conversations—Navigate difficult conversations with important people—or important conversations with difficult people in your life or team.
  • Finding Your Grit—Maximizing your willpower to reach your full capacity—at work and in your personal life.
  • War and Peace at Home—A retreat designed for couples interested in growing, improving, or healing their relationship (co-taught with my wife, September).
  • Origins—Maximizing Your Story. Gain insight that helps you maximize strengths that come from your past—and overcome unhelpful patterns that have their root in your family history. (Based on my next book Origins, release date: 2020)
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I speak to groups large (10,000+) or small (25-ish) throughout the US. My teaching style is highly visual, high-challenge, and engaging. My keynotes can be customized to your needs and are designed to help your audience make practical, lasting changes in their lives—and bring their best selves to your organization. Topics include:

  • Renovate Your Relationships—Learn a proven pathway for setting boundaries and building bridges with those who matter most (based on my book Renovate Your Relationships, release date: August 6, 2019).
  • The Power of Culture—What is culture? Why is it so important? How do we create and maintain the environment and culture we desire for the long haul? This keynote explores the value of cultural intentionality
  • Blind Spots and Blow-Ups—Refine those unseen growth edges and the hidden triggers that harm your team’s culture and impact the relationships between leaders, staff, and clients.
  • Who are we?—How do we understand and apply our unique make up. This session helps the audience understand the value and benefits of self-awareness. An overview of common personality and strength assessments is included.
  • Finding Your Grit—Maximizing your willpower to reach your full capacity—at work and in your personal life.

Sample clips from previous keynotes:

  • Difficult Conversations: Get clear on what you want | Get to the root of what you really want before engaging in a difficult conversation. From a three-week series (10-minute clip)
  • The Brain’s Automatic Responses | Why your brain doesn’t help you relationally if you’re triggered—and how to reclaim your rational side once your limbic system has derailed the conversation (20-minute clip)
  • Self-Deception: When your truth may not be true | A look at the subtle, subconscious ways we distort reality, widening the gap in the relationship. Short clip from a marriage retreat (12-minute clip).
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