Do you need to:

• Navigate a complex relational issue?

• Prepare for an exciting new challenge?
• Make a complicated decision?
• Work through your personal mission, vision and next steps?
• Assess talent for hire, development, promotion or redirection?
• Improve your team dynamics?


I bring decades of experience helping physicians, executives, and small business owners strengthen relationships and solve complex organizational problems.

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Coaching Services

1:1 Coaching

Scott integrates his experience as both an attending Emergency Department physician and senior executive in the non-profit sector into his coaching. He brings decades of success in coaching top leaders in the medical, financial, and non-profit industries.


Scott is certified in a number of leading assessment tools to give executive leaders an accurate picture of the strengths and challenges they face at work and home.


Candid interviews with bosses, board members, peers, and directs provide invaluable data for busy professionals. Scott helps executive leaders build trust and confidence with their teams by administering 360s in a way that gets to the real issues without damaging the credibility or authority of the leader.


Sometimes there's no substitute for getting into the trenches with you and your team. Scott can come alongside you for executive meetings, 1:1's, team events, and more, to provide fresh insight and observations on the challenges you and your team face.


Thriving teams resolve conflict well. They know how to navigate differing views on strategy, values, and priorities. Scott can help you assess your team's conflict style and healthand then equip you to work through any thorny issues that keep your team stuck.


A LifePlan is a proven, two-day intensive that gives you a comprehensive, strategic operating system for your life. As a certified Paterson Center facilitator, Scott guides you through customized assessments and tools, helping you gain the direction, clarity, and actionable next steps you need to accomplish your personal and vocational goals.

What others are saying

"Scott has been a lifeline of clarity for me in the midst of taking on a new senior-leadership role within our nationwide company. His guidance and coaching has led to profound insight on where I’m at my best and the pitfalls and opportunities to maneuver. It’s imperative to give our people and organization the best version of me—and Scott’s coaching has been a key contributor!"
Paul Jansen van Rensburg
Regional Sales Manager at HD Supply Construction & Industrial
“Scott brings a wealth of perspective and wisdom from his life experiences. He is a master at knowing when to push gently, probe a little further, move on if appropriate, or circle back and come at an issue again if it needed further probing. He affirmed me throughout, made me feel at ease, yet provided good challenges along the way.”
Tom Barrett
CEO Navigate the Journey, Certified EOS Implementer™
"I’ve had the privilege to be in the front row of Scott’s leadership in several venues. I’ve seen him lead teams toward strategic clarity. I’ve seen him help leaders get clear on their strengths and how best to us them. I’ve seen him teach powerfully with penetrating insight, humility, and humor to thousands. You will always get more than you expected when working with Scott. I am a better person because of Scott’s influence."
Andrew Hartman PsyD.
Counselor and Leadership Coach, NuBrick Partners
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