You’re facing a crossroad—a big decision, transition, or season of uncertainty. You’re asking deep, foundational questions:

   • Who am I?
   • What should I do next?
   • How do I get where I want to go?

These big questions of life deserve an intentional, integrated process led by an experienced guide. As a Paterson-certified facilitator, Scott has led countless high-capacity leaders through their crossroads using LifePlan tools and his own unique brand of asking the right questions to help you discover your answers for your life. 

“Find the truth before it finds you.”

Tom Paterson

Creator of the LifePlan process


Live your life on purpose.

Through the powerful tools of a Paterson LifePlan and Scott’s own unique brand of asking the right questions, he’ll help you gain:

  • CLARITY on your unique contributions to the world (your strengths, vision, values, and mission).
  • DEEPER PERSPECTIVE on your past—and your future.
  • INSIGHT INTO ANY BARRIERS that stand in your way.
  • FOCUS on what to do—and stop doing—to reach your goals
  • HOPE, MOTIVATION, and ACTIONABLE NEXT STEPS to help you live the life you desire.

As a certified LifePlan facilitator, Scott brings more than 15 proven tools to guide you through the four phases of the LifePlan process:

  1. Perspective—Where am I now?
  2. Planning—What’s important now?
  3. Management—How am I doing?
  4. Renewal—What needs to change?

By the end of day two, your entire LifePlan is compiled onto a single LifePlan On A Page. Think of it as a renewable, customized operating system for your life, including next steps, follow-up plans, and targets.

What others are saying about LifePlans with Scott

“Scott’s intellectual horsepower, sense of humor and surgeon-like diagnostic abilities helped bring clarity and focus to my life’s purpose and values. I found myself celebrating who I truly am and where I’d like to be. Scott’s guidance gave me the encouragement and direction I needed.”
Sue Hood
HR Professional
“I had this urge to spread my wings, but I needed both direction and courage. Scott helped me decide upon action items in each area of life. LifePlan gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to step out and advocate for myself. LifePlan changed my life. I highly recommend Scott Vaudrey as a facilitator.“
Jen Oxford
“The two days I spent with Scott revolutionized my life. I
walked away with clarity about where I wanted to go professionally, relationally, spiritually, and emotionally.
I revisit my LifePlan often and use it to guide my decisions.
My life is forever changed.”
Julie Langmade
“Scott brings a wealth of perspective and wisdom from his life experiences. He is a master at knowing when to push gently, probe a little further, move on if appropriate, or circle back and come at an issue again if it needed further probing. He affirmed me throughout, made me feel at ease, yet provided good challenges along the way.”
Tom Barrett
CEO Navigate the Journey,
Certified EOS Implementer™

Live your life on purpose.

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