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Marriage enrichment and restoration events, co-taught
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Speaking Topics

Origins: Your Past is Present

Origins: Opening

Origins: Closing

Through highly engaging content, real-life examples, and practical tools, this session helps you and your team get to the root of any unproductive patterns of relating—and become equipped to address those behaviors, finding growth and healing that lasts.  Based on Scott’s book, Past Present (HarperCollins/Nelson, June 2020).

Taming Team-Busting Triggers


Automatic Responses

In this highly visual, interactive session, you’ll gain insight into yourself and your teammates—and learn how your brain’s well-intentioned (but misguided) strategy to protect you when you’re triggered actually costs you dearly in your relationships. Learn proven strategies to deescalate yourself and those around you when you get triggered. Learn practical tools to prevent (or at least minimize the impact of) those painful, avoidable interactions—and reclaim your ability to improve and heal the personal and professional relationships that matter most. 

Boundaries and Bridges

Learn how to accurately define your relational disappointment and respond to interpersonal tensionwith the right strategy and in right measure: by both increasing your protection (setting boundaries) and increasing your acceptance (building bridges). Based on Scott’s book, Renovate Your Relationships (HarperCollins/Nelson, 2019).

Difficult Conversations

Need to have an important conversation with a difficult person—or a difficult conversation with an important person? Managing harsh words, difficult personalities, and interpersonal conflict are among the most vexing, time-sucking problems leaders face. Learn the essential steps you need to take before, during, and after those conversations in order to ensure success. Concepts in this workshop expand on the principles of the bestselling book, Crucial Conversations (Patterson, et al).

Pearls and Perils of Feedback

How would you rate the culture of your team or organization in terms of being consistently kind, clear, and courageous? Few things demoralize peers and direct reports as quickly as working in an environment that is unkind, unsafe, or lacks courage to give honest feedback. This session provides step-by-step guidance on how to shift your culture into one that offers and receives feedback “early and often” such that your work environment becomes safe, engaged, efficient and effective.

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